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The tale of the Murientor Tribe is one shared by many Minmatar. But can despair change into hope? Long before the Amarr invasion they were the rulers over wild and beautiful Santir...

The Murientor Tribe has decided not to ignore the current unjust state of the universe but to act! If you can feel the Murientor blood running through your veins, then have a look at the rebirth program.

Feel free to explore the open section of the Murientor Tribe Database. You will find basic information about who we are, what we do and how we do what we do. 1)

To join

Murientor Tribe is always looking for warriors and industrialists who share our ideals to join our ranks.

To increase your chances of being accepted as a Murientor POD pilot it is best to make official contact with the Tribe on our public forums first. Introduce yourself, state why you are applying and how you would like to help out. Alternatively join us for a drink in our public communications channel ‘Santir-Bar’.

Read our FAQ for more information

Murientor Tribe News:

1) We have a nice OOC summary of tribe role play here
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