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A broad historical summary of our backstory:

First it is important to realize that while we have to operate inside the strictures of CCP’s corporation structure, we are not really a ‘corporation’ we are a tribe of Minmatar that have a long and tortured past and are slowly coming back together after hundreds of years of oppression, torment, and hiding. Individual Bloodlines - Brutor, Vherokior, Sebiestor don’t define us as we are not really of those tribes regardless of our Blood.

Even according to the tale of Veritar we were not even Originally Minmatar. We Integrated ourselves into their society in order to have peaceful co-existence with our galactic neighbors, we were from a wise people with a firm grip on technology.

When the tribe was taken by the Amarr during the Day of Darkness, we were subjugated with the rest of the Minmatar and eventually placed under the ‘care’ of the Ammatar. During the early rebellion when the Starkmanir rose the Amarr attempted to wipe them out completely. When the Murientor Proved to be intractable the Ammatar tried similar tactics and here’s where it gets good...

Men and Women were separated, children were removed from families. with the ultimate desire to crush completely the Murientor. The women took non-murientor Husbands (resulting in our mixed minmatar bloodlines) and educated their new children in the tribe’s history and maintained as much of our culture as they could.

The Men were shipped to the Domain region, and toiled under the direct “care” of the Amarr until a large portion of them were freed by Gallente Incursions into the region. These freed men integrated themselves into Gallente Society and remarried. (resulting in the mixed Gallente Bloodlines the modern tribe has) Many served in the Federation Navy.

As the Rebellion took hold and our people began to free themselves from the Amarr and Ammatar the shattered pieces of the tribe began to seek each other out and continue to this day to do so.

We have a civilian Population and maintain bases in Derelik for this reason

What it Means to be Murientor

In essence when you join the tribe you are saying: “I am a descendant of a Murientor who through slavery, torment and liberation have finally come home to my people. we all have different pasts but this is our true blood calling us home.”

If your character is Caldari you have less of a direct connection just due to our history. But we encourage you to consider your relation to the tribe in terms of your backstory

Tribe Perspective

We endured more than any tribe other than the Starkmanir (some might say have endured even more than they have without the cuddly PR job) our enemies are such because they attempted to completely eradicate not our bloodline or our lives but the very culture that represented who we were and who we are. they tried to erase us from ourselves

This is why we are so adamant about no Amarr Pilots, no Amarr ships, no Amarr stations, this is why we are mixed Gallente and Minmatar. This is why Bloodline as CCP have defined it means very little to us and that the tribe is not, as some would think, a mongrel gathering of other tribes trying to play at their own identity, we are an identity unto ourselves.

Just playing some Brutor guy that happened to fly with the Murientor tribe would be OK but is in no way as compelling as the story that under Amarr rule we toiled clinging to the stories of our mothers of our true history and tribe until the day we were freed.

In essence: we are not Minmatar we are Murientor, from the Minmatar bloodlines we follow a Matriarchal history and progression of heritage, from our Gallente Bloodlines we follow a Patriarchal history and progression of heritage. The children are the lost generation... But the essence of who we are is not defined by the races CCP allows our characters to be...

We hope this sheds some light and gives some idea about the broader RP of the tribe...

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